Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yesterday evening I went to look at a studio in the Mission. It was pretty small. Not enough room for my big sweaty body and two full bodied cats. Bodice. Bodie. Broom stick. It's impossible. To find. An affordable apartment in San Francisco. I'm slowly going insane. I also went to look at a studio in the Tenderloin. At 4 o'clock. Yesterday. Sharp. It was a nice place. However it was in the heart of the heart of the heart of the Tenderloin which is quite possibly the nastiest place in all of San Francisco. Not necessarily dangerous though it is, but in my experience the strung out drug addicts generally keep to themselves. San Francisco values or something like it. Tolerance, coupled with an implicit agreement to not cause problems. Shit on the sidewalks. Chinese food and no grocery stores. Three blocks in and three blocks out. Jones street.

Really sorry to keep complainin' but I'm hopin' this folksy turn in mah prose will make this post a lot o fun to read. End. On the bright side of things school and classes are going well. Two large but good groups of 202 students, and the support classes, though a little boring, are nice work (if you can get it). Pronunciation lab has also settled in with a couple groups of steady students. Barak Obama. The stress is on the second syllable of his first name which tells us that it's not a name with English origins. Like Andy. Or Susan. Um. Did I mention that one of my cats has been falling over lately and I had to take him the emergency veterinarian two nights ago? His diagnosis: "lameness on the left back limb." The good doctor provided pain medication, either to treat his sprain or arthritus, but either way nothing is broken and he seems to moving around a little better today than yesterday, so as, it's was just a little injury not a life ending neurological disorder.

Asides from the above I have nothing else to report. Scott Walker is messing up Wisconsin. It's exciting to be reading about what's happening in the middle east and I'm so glad Twitter is no longer part of the discussion. It's been raining here for the last couple days but has stopped as of this morning. My other cat is snoring. Every time I see a car with a for sale sign in it I think to myself, "maybe I could live out of that car." So sorry. Housing is all I can think about. I should go. By this time next week I will have either found a place or really be freaking out. See you later!