Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Found Poems from Chinese (Teach Yourself 1991)

Exercise 1.3

1. Mr King invites me to drink Chinese tea.
2. Mr Li greatly dislikes Mr King. (Mr Li can't stand Mr. King.)
3. Mr King doesn't like Mr Li much either.
4. You don't thank me so I don't thank you either

Exercise 20.3

1. All Chinese like eating Chinese food.
2. Any branch of the Bank of China has the same exchange rate for changing money.
3. Current accounts and deposit accounts have different rates of interest.
4. I have to change my traveller's cheques into US dollars today.
5. When you go abroad you have to take your passport (with you) otherwise you can't leave the __country.
6. Asia and Africa are very different from a historical point of view.
7. Do you still remember her telephone number? Don't forget to give her a call tomorrow whatever __you do.
8. Politically speaking European countries are pretty much the same with a few minor differences.
9. Regardless of whether you've signed (your name) or not, I want to look at your passport.
10. No matter whether the bank clerk had counted the money several times or not, he wanted to (had ___to) count it (once).
11. What you're saying is that you'll only get to know him if you happen to bump into him, is that it?
12. I won't do it like this unless there are regulations.