Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wow. i'm in d.c. at my sisters. i flew in yesterday for my brother's wedding, which is in new york, upstate from the city a couple hours. i'm not sure why i flew into d.c....oh yeah, i flew into dc to a) have some quality time with my sister, knight, and niece and b) help transport the boats that my brother has built for the wedding up there. the wedding's on saturday. today is wednesday, it's overcast and threatening to storm but i've been told it's been like that all week. beatrix (my niece) is walking and talking. it's a little amazing.

last time we spoke i was about to head out to a vipassina meditation ten day course which was really something else. very difficult at times and spending ten days with 100 people without talking is a whole other kind of strangeness but all in all it was quite the experience. i learned so much and highly recommened it or something like it and if you'd like to know more about it send me an email and i'll write you back,

but i'll say no more about it on this blog. i got back from that on sunday and then the semester started on section of LA202 and some ESL and tutoring work. we met in the afternoon yesterday and feels like its going to be a pretty good class. an interesting mix of academy students that all seemed reasonable happy to be there. once we start talking about mla formatting and fallacies in argument this may change but in the mean time its memoir writing which is generally a good time, writing about what one knows best (hopefully): themselves.

in other news, two cultural items that might be a little out dated: saw an interesting movie at the end of may, "The Girlfriend Experience" that may not be the best movie but is pretty interesting in terms of all that's going on / was going on with the economy and the other week in the nytimes magazine there was an article about a comedian named zach g.(cannot spell/remember his last name) that lead me to this youtube clip that also features the comedians (?) tim and eric. it's pretty amazing, but really, everything is pretty amazing after meditating for a week and a half most everything is pretty amazing but soon i'll go back to being paranoid and weird, maybe while trying to find parking in brooklyn for a uhaul filled with boats. talk to you later.