Monday, June 01, 2009

today is the first of june. happy june. i've been off of work for the last two weeks...doing a whole lot of nothing. i feel a little guilty for not having been posting but really, there hasn't been much going on to post. seeing movies, playing checkers, playing videogames, taking walks, sleeping in, swimming, reading, getting ready for my brother's wedding, getting ready for the coming semester, and getting ready for the ten day meditation class that I leave for on wednesday, which I'm kind of nervous about. partly because i've had to quit smoking because i definately do not want to go through withdrawl symptoms while away. symptoms include sleeplessness, sugar craving, horniess, and exterme irritability, all of which i'm going through right now. please understand that i'm not "quitting" smoking, but am stopping for the time being because i cannot and do not want to smoke while away.

but about this class, it's ten days and there's no talking (no email, no phone, no books even!). ten hours a day of meditation beginning at four in the morning. it will be kind of intense, but i generally feel like i'm ready for that kind of study, a natural progression from the weekly meditation thing i've been going to and some more formal and intensive practice. plus, it's free and something i've always wanted to do so there. when i come back i'll have a weekend and then the new semester starts. the following weekend i'm heading out to the east coast for my brother's wedding which i'm looking forward to, seeing the family and my sister's baby. all that is to say that June will be a very busy month in comparision to the last two weeks of boredom and low level debauchery.

pluuus, this month, may, the cats moved in with me, so there's been a lot of cat influenced life recently. thoughts like: cat food is expensive! or, wow, you're soft! they came over from oakland because amy moved out of her place there and her new place didn't accept animals so now they are here. which is nice, though i feel a little bad for them that my digs aren't as nice as the ones they came from but they've adapted pretty well. anywho, that's the news. no plans for the blog in june asides from randomness.