Saturday, June 27, 2009

the image on the far right is BEES. that was a grammatically correct sentence. it's hot out, saturday. pride weekend in san francisco. its the first weekend i've had off for about a month, enabling me to catch up on things like this blog, eating an omlet, making computer music, sweeping, talking on the phone, going over student work, watching a semi-corny but amazingly drawn/gestured anime called "the place promised in our early days", taking a shower, hanging out with bill in the secret kaiser garden roof top, watching cats sleep, listening to bill callahan and the second to last song on the david pajo covers misfits songs album, renting bolt but not actually watching it yet. so far so good.

the second week of school ends and the third begins. three hours is just a little bit too long for an english class. "pad it" johnathan suggests. its nice to come back to work and to have work for all of july, not enough at the moment with 15 hours in class and needing 22~ at the academy's pay rate to really make ends meet, to preserve my luxurious lifestyle. one dollar and eighty cents a can for all tuna cat food. would like to go see the movie named moon.niece beatrix on the left. on the right the beautiful boats my brother built for the wedding. a marvelous time, busy for most of it but got time to relax. the back of the uhaul with knight standing in the center. brother and i drove that sucker to brooklyn. 18 ft. it was hard to park. hard to drive sort of, big to drive more like it. we also loaded the docks into the uhaul .rained on the wedding day. am told this is good luck. more like torrential down pore on the wedding day, or at least during the ceremony. cleared up at night. on sunday people took boat rides. buttermilk falls...kind of yellow. saw all family, many of brother's friends, met some of lindsay's friends and family. sister and i gave a toast, we were nervous; aunt gave a really nice toast, very smart and moving, honest. much love at the wedding. did not make me want to get married or have a wedding. bill callahan sings: if...if...if you...if you could...if i could only...if you could only stop...if you could only stop your...if you could only stop your heart...if you could only stop your heart beat...if you could only stop your heart beat for...if you could only stop your heart beat for one heart...if you could only stop your heart beat for one heart beat. strings. end of song. too many birds. okay. now off to school work. see you around.