Friday, July 03, 2009

Last Saturday on the way home from the beach we stopped at cafe just south of the De Young around 9th Ave. From the outside table we were sitting at I had a view of the a video rental store across the street. Something about it reminded me of the video rental store across from Nakoma Plaza that my Mom would take me to in middleschool to rent videogames.

I hadn't ever really remembered this common occruance before, probably because there wasn't much to remember. The store was lit overhead with flourescents and movies were displayed in rows and around the room. Pretty typical. While I would select a game my Mom sat out in the car waiting. Doing what I don't know. Sometimes, I remembered, I would take an extraordinarily long time to select a game and I imagined that my mother must of been proud of my throuroughness because she never said anything to me about taking too long. What a wondeful and patient mother I have, feeling proud in my cafe chair.

Today I called her in part to confirm this memory. I asked about the waiting but she didn't remember. In fact, the only thing she remembered was how quick I was to select a game, that "with all those video game magazines, you seemed to always know what you wanted."


The assistant teacher said to me, "Intelligence is like the camel's nose under the tentNo (a brief pause in thought) no. Intelligence is like the thin edge of a wedge, it pries the door open but that's just a start."

**me and the boys