Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July! It's hot in Oakland! Fireworks were canceled! Budget Cuts! So was summer school! At least they didn't shut down the libraries! They are staying open! Of course they're not open today it's a holiday! Independence day! We are free! No work! Last night I played virtual basketball with Bill until past midnight! Whoa! Whoa now hey! Hey now slow down! We sat at the bird sanctuary as it got dark and drank beers! Canada geese climbing out of the water and settling in for the night! A raccoon snuck into the fenced-in area! A dog bit a goose! Pelicans fish in groups! There's probably a name for a group of pelicans other than a "flock"! Sorry about these exclamation points!

Hope it's not annoying! We are free! Free to go watch fireworks somewhere else! Free to buy half priced coupons from the internet! Free to turn down invitations! Free to give up on our relationships! Free to read a book! Free to sit in the park! To watch the drunk couple go stand by the dumpster! Free to draw a cube! Free to have friends over it's my own goddamn apartment I can do whatever I want with it! Freedom! Free to afford freedom! Free to make circular statements! Free to read about enslaved Guatemalans picking flavorless tomatoes in Florida! Free to read the stories told by Japanese Kempeitei during the occupation of parts of China prior to American involvement in WWII! Free to share this quote completely out of context!: "It might sound extreme, but I can almost say that if more than two weeks went by without my taking a head, I didn't feel right."

Free to be like whoa! Free to say messed up things! Free to forgive! Free to forgive if that's at all possible! Free bird! Free to be told by a literate international student that they don't read American books! Free to wonder why! Free to speculate that it has something to do with the amount of insulation from the problems of the world our wealth provides us! Free to consider that a Westerner uses 300% more of the world's resources in a lifetime than a non-westerner! Free to be insulated even from ourselves! Free to commit ourselves to health! To stop smoking! To design iPhone apps that help us rent more movies! To write books about the future of cloud computing! Freedom! Yes! It's true! And it feels good! Most of the time!