Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I start teaching today. The semester started Monday where I supported an Industrial Design classs called Industrial Processes, a six hour class that let out around ten thirty in the morning because there was nothing to do with the six hours until the students started in on their projects, supporting the argument made by students who don't show up on the first day because "nothing happens on the first day." These were graduate students though, so everybody was there. With the rest of the day off I did some reading and looked for apartments, sat in a chair with a hot water bottle on the small of my back which I tweaked the other day while vacuuming up cat hair. Yes I own a vacuum and yes my life is really that boring or as my aunt put it to me a while back, facetiously I think though one never knows, sometimes not even the speaker, "so you've decided to live a life of the mind." Heart and body too I hope.

On Tuesday I supported a class called The Language of Photography which sounds really exciting but actually seems to be the same stuff I supported last semester in a Digital Photography class. The upshot is again, it's a graduate school class so maybe the content is more interesting. Both of the support classes this semester are taught by seemingly pretty accomplished folks, for example the Photography teacher helped make Sketchers' first ad campaign. Which is not only impressive, but courageous of him to admit. Just kidding. I'm sorry. I don't mean to be snarky. I just wanted to use the word "courageous." Over winter break when I rode up to see Adam with Ted, Ted told me that when somebody would tell my father a really stupid idea, my father would respond that he thought it was courageous of them to attempt it. I'd like to think he was being more earnest than snarky, trying to find a way to stay open to possiblity.

Which brings me to Today, teaching an actual class at three thirty but the morning and early afternoon are clear for this blog, class preparation, and a little writing. On Thursday the schedule is basically the same, with the morning here replaced by a morning at the writing lab. Anyway. This is boring. Which is somewhat intentional because I'm looking for apartments, and I just assume that when I sign my name at the end of an email some potential roommate will run it through Google and end up at this blog. Because it's important to check people out. Sometimes. Which is why I'd like to reiterate if you're new to this blog, that this blog is a kind of journal, but it's also a writing project, and I'm a totally awesome roommate. Would you also like to live with two cats? I have a one nice rug (6x4) and am very clean. Looking for apartments sucks. See you on Craigslist.