Monday, July 12, 2010

set out for work early ended up with a bagel ended up at the bank ended up sitting on a park bench reading a book checking my cellphone for the time and a man comes up to me selling a street sheet and he said sweetly excuse me and began to introduce himself when i interrupted and said i think we've met before you told me that i had nice hair which was true two weeks ago in front of the moma he began by saying i had nice hair maybe beautiful hair i don't remember exactly but it was strange because nobody has ever really commented on my hair not that there's anything wrong with it but it's not particularly remarkable a dark brown with a little wave a little thick and when it begins to grow it grows out not down resulting in a kind of afro that i've only let grow out once living in japan not knowing where to get a hair cut and afraid to ask i said we've met before and he asked if i wanted to buy a street sheet it's a new issue and i said you know i don't have a buck on me and he said well you look like a million bucks and i said thanks and he said have a great day and i said you too and went back to my book