Sunday, July 11, 2010

Picked up my new bike from the shop up the street. Not exactly new, but my old bike after a serious tune-up including new handle bars, chain, back wheel, brakes, and wires. So it feels like new. Sorry about the "bait and switch" first sentence. Actually I'm not sorry. I just wanted to use that term: bait and switch. I tried to explain it to a student the other day, something like, offering something to get somebody's attention and when they try and take what you offer, you replace it with something else. Bait and switch. So it was a very exciting today riding around comfortably, running errands and went up to the Fillmore to see the movie "I Am Love" which is so good. It felt old fashioned in that it used symbolism and had "universal" themes. The end of the movie is amazing, a really strange and interesting mix of grief, John Adams, and love. I've never before been taken where that movie goes, at least not at the movies. In some ways it reminded me of "The New World" and "Paranoid Park" (two favorites) in a formal sense, using art school-ish camera work (at points) that did not feel intrusive or indulgent, and in fact advanced the story as much as any dialogue or plot point. There was barely any speaking for the last 45 minutes but you wouldn't know it because the images and editing do so much. That's a complicated way of saying it's beautiful, and I doubt it would be the same watching it on a small screen. Who knows. Maybe it would be just as much of an experience watching it at an airport terminal. Movies! I'm going to go take a shower and go to bed. Good night.