Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"I sometimes feel that we are losing an intuitive sense of our own bodies," Mr. Ito lamented at one point during my visit. "Children don't run around outside as much as they did. They sit in front of computer games. Some architects have been trying to find a language of this new generation, with very minimalist spaces. I am looking for something more primitive, a kind of abstraction that still has a sense of the body."
__________________________________________Toyo Ito, NYTimes 7/12/09

"Allman says a girl recently asked him why he so many tattoos. She's just had her breasts enlarged. Allman pointed at her chest and said, "Tattoos do just the opposite of what those do. Instead of attract, they kind of..." Then he put up a hand, signaling, "Stop right there.""

_______________________Mark Binelli on Gregg Allman, Rolling Stone, 7/09