Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This morning in the news computer there was this article about the dreaded Hadron Collider that will inevitably destroy the world in late December of 2012. This is an article about a theory about why it keeps breaking down and how a couple of physicists have speculated that somehow the higgs particle is going back in time to kill the possibility of it's own existance. Here is a link to Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks" as performed on Conan O'Brien. Here is a link to Cole's "disorientation, excerpt" and thus you've now experienced the three most interesting pieces of media that I've experienced in the later half of this morning.

Earlier this morning I woke up to two doors blowing open from the wind and rain, which I've been told is a storm leftover from the Typhoon that hit Japan a couple weeks ago? It's come all the way over to California! Wow! so, it's raining and blowing outside which is nice if you're inside. It's also doing something else out there, like little gooey chunks of white ribbon but those might just be big raindrops, the kind that accumulate under eves. Anyway. Tuesday morning. Just writing to say hello.

Been reading a lot lately which has been nice. Three J.M. Coetzee books, "Elizabeth Costello", "Disgrace" and "Waiting for the Barbarians", a book of essay's by Eula Biss called "Notes from No Man's Land" which are pretty interesting essay's about race, reread "No Country For Old Men" over the weekend which I still have to say is not my favorite Cormac McCarthy book, but it was interesting to read after seeing the movie. The sherrif's monologues I couldn't help but hear Tommy Lee Jones' (why do I know all these movie stars?) voice. And finally I started the 8th part of the Language Poet's Grand Piano books but I'm pretty sure I'm only reading it because I've read the previous seven. Okay. I've got to go. Hope you're well.