Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Talking to Myself
i. Authority

My boss says, “what have you been painting today?”
and I says the doors, and he says the “doors.

What time do you get here in the morning?”
“Seven thirty.” I says, “You know, I work hard for you all.”

“Did I say that you didn’t?”

“I will ask you what you have done,
do you understand?” Never

what I will do.

ii. Café, Tuesday Night

Christ died, I just realized
this is Christian
I called you by name (?)
Before you were free
“Were not of this world” (the question mark
is mine)

iii. Fable (no moral)

I asked my pants
which pockets to use: “All of them,
of course.”

Of course, stuffing
my wallet into the back pocket, thinking
are you sure

you don’t mind? The zipper
strangely silent, denim whispers my
passing hand.