Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I've posted four tracks (an EP as they call it) to Soundcloud. If this appears to be an effective way to distribute music then soon I will post the album that I have ready to share. About these four tracks, they are from the Spring, mostly reworkings of compositions I made with Cory and Eric. The first track "Daniel" is actually the third track, but it seems to be the one people like best so maybe that is the best place to start. Also I changed my music name to tyty, since the death and prison reference in the old moniker didn't quite fit. Thanks for listening. Here are the links to individual tracks, to listen to or download:
Somnambulations (with Cory and Freddie)
My Corpse on a Futon
Crazy (version)
Here is the Link to the "playlist" so that you can stream through all four. If you'd like a hard copy / CD send me an email. And last, this is music that sounds best loud, in headphones or whatever. Hope all is well,