Sunday, September 08, 2013

Jinx and I have had a quiet weekend. On Friday I took the day off of school and work and went for a hike. Saw a movie with Kamal and Saturday did a thorough cleaning of the apartment, did some school work and played music with Eric, hung a out a little with him and K. It's a bachelor pad now, our apartment, and we both miss Kitty Girl. 

Jinx has never been without her, or lived without other cats around. I worry about him, and he seems to be looking and listening for her. An uncharacteristic worry in his eye. How he will adjust, or if he can, is something I do not know. They had a long life together. Next to the dry food, I've always set out two plates for them; two water bowls. One half. Yesterday, 

This week is Kitty Girl tribute week. Pictures to follow.