Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Discussing things called facts, persimmons lying around

                                            -Hosai Ozaki (trans. by Hiroaki Sato)
Jinx is barely keeping his eyes open. Laying on the opposite end of the couch looking at me. Now they're closed. His head resting on a front paw. Now his eyes are open again and he is sitting up. That's the news from Indiana. Now he is laying back down on the couch. If only he knew how famous he was. After class today, after tutoring students in the morning, classwork and teaching in the afternoon, after doing some reading for Modern Rhetoric (and by modern we mean 1500ish), I went swimming, feeling better today than I had the previous couple days. Not having smoked for four days means that I can push my body a little bit, careful not to push too hard and injure my left shoulder, which happens sometimes. I'm still coughing, and there's a little bit of a sinus headache left over, agitated from the pressure in the pool. The guy in the lane next to me kept sprinting, and then resting for a minute. And then sprinting back. It felt like the tortoise and the hare. I kept passing him, and then he would catch up. It's hard not to feel competitive in the pool, but it's not as bad as it once was. About five years ago I realized it was not that much fun to go fast, and as a result the focus became about stretching out in the water, making my strokes carry me as far as possible. When I have energy this is how I like to feels good. But this is also how my shoulder gets injured. Now he is cleaning himself, intently. At some point in the last year Jinx became more interested in being clean than Kitty Girl. I wonder why. Okay. Now I'll do some work. Sorry this was a post about nothing. I'm trying to create some distance between the present and the past. Lecture about nothing. Appearances. The Tortoise and the Hare.