Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I haven't been totally honest with you. You being the reader, whoever that is. And it's a long story so it's difficult to know where to start. But in reference to this blog you may have noticed a sharp decline in the amount of postings in the last three or four months. The reason being that I've been occupied not as much by graduate school or some other form of professional development, but by a woman I fell in love with unexpectedly, and suddenly and a little tragically. In the last week the possibility of writing publicly about these events actualized for two reasons: 1) she left the country and 2) because I finally told D. Is this a story that is appropriate to write about on the internet? Who knows, but I need to tell the story, as its important to me. Apologies for applying positivist and by association, elitist criteria (shout out to my Rhet/Comp homies and all the academic heads!) to what counts as important, but I believe that we need to have a sense of both the internal and the external to gauge what good or harm our actions do. Or in other words, doubt is a useful indicator as to what to pay attention to, and like a rabbit when we're hungry, we should chase it wherever it goes. My intentions are not entirely clear, even to me but like that Creeley poem in the previous post, perhaps I'll figure them out while walking.