Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Too cold to send a text message, a picture of the thermometer that read 13.3 degrees. It's cold here. 13.3 degrees at 12:08 PM. It's 8:16 PM as I write this and its 12 degrees. Week 3 of the semester. Sorry I've been ignoring you. You. It's just that I haven't found myself feeling obligated as I have felt (in a good way) towards writing in this blog. Instead, its obligations towards reading books. And writing for my classes. I haven't wanted to write any emails. And now it's time to get back to reading. Plato and some old Greeks tonight. It's fascinating! I had no idea! Though its not exactly beautiful writing, or else I'd share some of it with you, but it accumulates, as far as ideas. Like snow. Or like Lafayette, where there is no snow but two cats sitting in front of a heater and the Wisconsin game on in the background. Okay. Back at it.