Saturday, April 07, 2012

Much to my surprise, I received this email earlier today.
Church Reminder:
Reminder: You, Reed Huff, and Michel Richmond are assigned to clean the church today.


Bishop Bumbaugh
So I wrote back, "I think you have the wrong email address." I think because it's possible that this is a message from god, somehow, and in fact, I should be sweeping the church today. Or it's possible that the right guy might not get this email, so who is going to sweep the church now? Reed and Michael? Again, even if this isn't a message from god, it seems like the right thing to do is to make sure the church gets cleaned. All that said, I can't go right now. If the Bishop had asked me ahead of time I could be there right now, getting things ready. But I'm not, and won't be there, and it's such a nice day in Oakland. Warm. I go to DC on Thursday, and until then, I'm going to try and relax. Spring.