Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Whell, back in Oakland. It's sunny but a little chilly, not warm and not cold. In Wisconsin the newspaper said it was going to be a "brown Christmas." Meaning the landscape was going to be muddy and gray. Grey. I don't know. Either way I was back here. Went for a hike on Christmas proper and ate Chinese food. Saw a movie but left before it was over, as it was putting D and I both to sleep along with some other patrons at the movie theatre. Because I don't want to use this platform to spread slander I won't name the movie ("The Artist"). On Boxing Day, after sleeping in for half the day we got some groceries and made breakfast. Later I watched bits and pieces of basketball games over the internet, and now, Tuesday, it's back to work. Not school work but writing and other projects. Which is really really really really really really nice, to have nothing pressing to do. No big stress or immediate deadline for the next month. It feels good.