Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Monday. Today is the West Cost Port Blockade, coordinated by the Occupy movement. Here is, in the words of Occupy Oakland, why this is happening. Or here is why it's a good thing in the words of the 100+ thousand American Port Truck drivers who are heavily effected in their day to day by the multinational corporations who own and ultimately, make the policies that run these port. Coming from the drivers themselves, this letter is the justification I needed to participate with a clear conscious in these closures that have been widely decried by the media at large (as usual) and in particular, by the San Francisco Chronicle. Which almost, almost, convinced me that these blockades were doing more harm than good. I really need to stop reading that thing but I do like to read the sports and the comics.... Thus, as of eleven AM today, The Ports of Oakland and Portland have been shut down, while San Diego and Long Beach have, from what I've read, been not as successful. Seattle is in progress. I get off work at four and will be joining the second shift. Come out and show support if you can.