Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A sunny and warm day in Oakland. It's a little past noon. Yesterday morning the occupation of the plaza in Oakland came to an end. Today there is a march up to Berkeley to support their occupation of the campus and tomorrow the General Assembly will discuss where next to occupy. Which is the question right now, what to do next. This coming Saturday there is another larger march planned, akin to general strike, which is supported and backed by many unions here in Oakland, which partly answers the question of what to do next but only in the short term. Personally, I'm not sure where my support lies, as I agreed with the main stream narrative that occupying downtown was not going to accomplish much more than it had. My hope is that the occupy movement continues to raise awareness, moves indoors, now that they have some funds, and continues to do the work of organizing people towards practical solutions to the immense, long term problems that center around the economic injustices we perpetuate. It moves on. Here is a comment from an article in the Times (name withheld). Regardless of you how you feel about people in a park, here's some hope:
I have an MBA in finance and work in investment management on Wall Street – and I love money more than any Republican. But I see a lot of shallow comments and mixed-messages posted from all over the country criticizing OWS protesters as ne'er do wells and anti-capitalists.

They should appreciate that the protests have inspired introspective dialog among many thoughtful business professionals – top to bottom. Not all wealth trickles down and capitalism is as virtuous or evil as the people involved.