Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Washington DC. It's supposed to get up to ninety-eight degrees today, and humid. It's hot, but the heat is a novelty. For the first time in my life I am rooting for a Texas team. Tomorrow it's back to California, what I've heard has been rainy. Rainy Briggs. Third and Fifth grade and saw him working at a hat store about eight years ago. Feel like we were friends though never spoke or paid attention to each other. Race relations. Lincoln Elementary school, bussed across the city like they do in San Francisco. Forced mingling win the lottery no choice but a chance. Sitting in a cafe just did some copy editing. Twenty-five dollars and hour. Should ask for more. Bagel and egg and cheese and cranberry lemonade out of a bottle. There is no I in team. They didn't charge for the bagel. Stealing is wrong. Stealing is against the law. Bank robbery is punishable by twenty years in a federal prison. Phillip Glass. Mishima.On Monday we went to the beach. My new nephew James is cute. Like a larvae. Not really capable of much but can smile a little and look. Accompanied my niece to music class yesterday. Humiliating. Don't want to talk about it. Personal blog.

Need to get back to work. Am really not into computers these days. Rant: people get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to make baubles for iPhones while thousands of teachers are laid off. Really smart and clueless people. Man its hot. What is this world coming to? Save the whales. Know thyself Thales. Tagline at the end of an email. Was going to teach on-line this summer but took too long in getting back to the powers that be. Bummer. Would of freed up my Monday. Three day weekend boyeeee. Georgetown. Look up and out from the window a cafe. Planning on visiting the bookstore that I don't know is still open or not. Internet. Sit at the window with a bag of chips and diet coke. Someone else. Not me. Caffeine free. Caffeine free all natural soda. Caffeine free all natural cherry flavored soda. Keep drinking. Snake it back. Lifeline. Would you like to call a friend? The soda machine was all out of cherry coke. That should be capitalized. Do not turn left in in front of this vehicle. UPS trucks rarely turn left. Recalculating route.

At the beach the Eastern shore of Maryland we stopped for some food before the three hour drive back to DC. The name of the restaurant along the boardwalk was Gus' Fried Chicken and the owners were Greek and they served fried chicken. I've been trying to avoid meat. At the table next to us we were sitting in a booth two over weight ladies and an overweight man sat down. The lady with the blond hair teased out said "I'll just have a cheese burger with bacon." I keep thinking of that, the word "just." And the expression on her face. She looked resigned. On my way here there was a group of little school kids trying to cross. Cars kept whizzing by so one of the teachers went out in the middle of the street to try and stop the cars. They stopped and a man got out of one of the cars and said "what the fuck?" Since I used that opportunity to cross the street as well and was close, I said to the man, "Dude. It's just a bunch of kids. Relax." Just. Back out into the heat I go. See you in California.