Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hotter than it used to be and in Oakland. The cats feel like it. They splay in the sun and roll over with their feet in the air. Then get out of the sun for awhile and splay on the wood floor. And then go back to the sun. Jinx is a "Sun Horse". Kitty Girl has a "Cookie Face." Now is the warm part of the year. Come June and July it will get cold. Nobody believes it who doesn't live here, but it's cold during the summer. It's confusing during the summer. Two weeks and a remainder left in the semester which in the last three weeks has really begun to fatigue me. I've been working a ton of hours plus not doing any writing, which has a cumulative effect of bringing me down. BUT I know this happens, and will happen, and I'm ready for it. Over the weekend I got some rest. Didn't play basketball went for a run. Wrote emails and did some planning for the month long break. Saw a movie and went for a walk.

Watched the final three episodes of The Office, cried, checked in with a few others to make sure they cried too, and finished "The Possibility of an Island" a Michel Houellebecq novel that took me forever to read partly because I was tired and partly because it wasn't that good. At least as a social satire. Though as a science fiction novel, it was kind of interesting in the same way that the Dune books were interesting: imagining where ideas + commitment will take us over time. The book ends on two notes: 1) the narrator's language begins to falter ("I would never reach the goal I had been set.", and 2) the narrator spend sixty years lying in a pool of salt water. It's a long, not particularly interesting story about a comedian who becomes part of a growing religious movement, but it did make think, particularly about getting older. On Sunday I began to notice some prominent white hairs not just on the sides of my head (which are pretty much white) but on the top of my head. Add that to hair loss, and it seems likely that in ten years I will be a gray haired bald man.

I started a new book last night: "With the Old Breed" a WWII autobiography by Eugene Sledge, a Marine who fought in the Pacific theater. I saw "The Pacific", an HBO mini-series six months ago and was really amazed at the insane fighting conditions. No wonder those guys didn't say much about it, though this book is by one of those guys who did. What some people go through is impossible to know, but maybe we can come close to at least having an understanding. Speaking of death, reading the paper this morning about the basketball game last night: "... [The Miami] Heat had the crowd sing the national anthem, in recognition of the successful mission to kill Osama bin Laden." And speaking of grotesque cynicism (the book I just finished), what the hell? It's one thing to get closure and share the experience of release, but it's another thing to celebrate another person's death. As Thomas Friedman, renowned NYTimes columnist writes, "We did our part. We killed Bin Laden with a bullet." Lord. As if this will change anything.