Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is it just me, or did the United States declare war on Libya over the weekend? Just for the record, and I don't know if this is a left or right idea, but for fuck's sake, can't the U.S. just stay out of it for second? I realize that it's an "international coalition" but it's not exactly clear how much support for the revolution there is within Libya, and besides, if there's five or six countries who are willing to take the initiative to intervene, maybe we should just let them go ahead and do that without us. Nobody likes Ghaddafi. Yes. We get it. But if Libya didn't have major oil resources would we really care all that much? Maybe Al-Qaeda is putting hallucinogenic drugs in our water. (Post Script: Good news. NATO is taking over. Yay.)

Anyway, I'm going to keep this post short because it's Spring Break. It's raining and I have papers to grade. Papers to grade before I can truly relax. Yesterday friend Steven and I went for a hike up Mt. Diablo. I got us a bit lost at the Devil's Elbow but we found our way back to the safety of the parking lot. IN POETRY NEWS, new-er work of mine has just come out in Volt #16, a beautiful print journal that publishes really high quality work. It's printed on extra large paper (9x12) but not awkwardly; emphasizing forms and visual orientation as well as the writing. When I started writing, Volt was one of the magazines I always dreamed of getting published in, so as, dreams come true? I am a goal oriented person? Now what? Celebrate? Grade papers? Put on pants. Do dishes. Relax. Continue.