Friday, October 15, 2010

Two sonnets written by two of my creative writing sections, edited by moi, based off freewrites meditating on an excerpt from John Cage's "Lecture On Nothing":

Structure without life is dead, but life without structure is un-seen.

Life without structure goes unseen
but I wont' tell anyone
what it looks like: a piano playing rests
these thoughts. -------Real life
is about climbing a mountain and talking shit
for hours but I haven't noticed,
dropping out of the sky like a
bird flying into the sunset. -----Air has no structure
and doesn't need purpose. If there's no life
what is art but a structure on a page
a skyscraper by the contractors who
design car door slams and leaves rustling.
Sometimes I wonder how much time gets built
on the backs of other people's words.

Structure without life is dead
but I guess it goes unseen any
way in -- the -- void --that -- is -- my --soul
at any given moment. -------Meaning
that I forget who I am because I need
structure to follow along, missing out
on dinner while climbing a tree
like I was nine years old. ------- I am not
too sure if I understand the
structure I believe in ----or John Cage
or the shark ---- or the line on the ground
the line where my pupils lie
on the ground swinging like a boxer.
Let's say you live alone and have no
friends. Is this mask a structure too?