Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sometimes it's better to wait to say anything. Like Taylor Swift after the 2008 Video Music Awards, she waited two days before posting to her Twitter account about the shock of Kanye West usurping her award acceptance speech. Or when Indiana Jones watched Mola Ram dig the slaves' heart out with his bare hands. Or the 2010 San Francisco Giants who are playing in the World Series after winning on Saturday night. We listened to the game on the radio and cooked dinner. Then, as if Obama was elected president again, Valencia flooded with well wishers and revelers. Cheering and honking and then a fire truck came down the street blowing its horns and clanging its bell. I think this is the first time I've lived in city where one of its professional sports team was playing for a championship. It's kind of cool. People are happy.

School has been busy. The clouds have been raining. I have been playing again with my music machine, three or four pieces that I will be posting over the next month to the music blog, one a week starting with "Admiring Michael" tonight. More pieces next week and beyond. The link is to the right. Below is a promotional poster for the upcoming cat-of-the-year awards, illustrated by my roommate.