Wednesday, October 06, 2010

On Tuesday, yesterday, I went to Henry's Hunan Restaurant and received this fortune,which corresponds nicely with the fortune below, in the sense that both talk about days of the week. The one mentions Tuesday specifically, and the other, since I received it on Tuesday, indicates that today, Wednesday is the day to give flowers. Which could happen, though I'm not sure what kind of opportunities I'll have for that today, as I'm working here in the morning, will be at work in the afternoon and then go to Oakland for therapy. I think what I'm going to do, speaking in the present, is give my cats some catnip which I think is a flower. Here goes:LLLLLL
Okay. Now that that's done, that the whole fortune for today has been resolved I can move on with my life. And by move on I mean show you the stamps that I bought on Monday on my way home from work: which I only bought because it was either these or a stamp that featured a painting of a violet (?) and the word LOVE. Barf! When the postal clerk told me I only had two options I said "Are you kidding me?" and then he said "No I'm not." And then I said "Okay I'll take the sailors." And then he said "Would you like cash back?" And then we proceeded in anonymity for the rest of our transaction and I went home. At any rate, I got up at five this morning. Mostly because I feel asleep at nine last night. Also because Henry's Hunan started a fire in my belly. It's a sunny day in San Francisco. Chance of showers said the guy on the radio but I think the chances are pretty slim. It's cooled off since last week and is back to normal. Last Friday a student in the writing lab informed me that in 2004, over 2 million Spiderman costumes were sold during the Halloween season. This morning I ate a delicious nectarine. Hope all is well. See you later.