Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Am I Alive or Dead?

There was a time in Seattle after I had come back from helping take care of my father, jobless and isolated in a moldy apartment, when I thought about him, his loss and my own. In retrospect I think this could have been considered mourning, but I had nothing to show for it: no funeral or artifact that anything real had happened.

"If you only have enough money to pay two months rent, keep your money and risk eviction. If you know the bill collectors are going to take all you have and want more, don't give them anything. Owing one hundred dollars is the same as ten thousand if you don't have either."

Refusing to advertise or market the product requires a profound confidence in the product; that it will appear of its own strength without prodding or suggestion. It is here that it becomes difficult to separate desire from indifference. Television commercials work or are working regardless if we “pay” attention. I need to tell you something.