Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where were we? In bed my brother called me in the morning no my sister called me no Emily called me in the late morning we were sleeping. I wasn't sleeping I was awake, getting up to go to work on the tip the steady tip of BCT Printing the business card delivery place a good summer but it was fall I was dating Toshiko and woke up at her apartment the sick sweaty sleep that we were so fond of but I secretly despised a smell that was unusual a smell that I have never smelled before and never smelled since but it was the combination of our flesh the combination of our sweat and we were sleeping through. If the planes hit at 9 o'clock it was six o'clock in Seattle and there was no wake up call she was not from around there or here but at least she had a television and at least she had a good time in Seattle before she went back to Japan I miss her, but alas time is short I write but not enough the world is a short course timing meter jump shot course and I was awake by nine thirty and oblivious to the pull of the world in that apartment and Emily she called and I answered the call a great sweeping gesture the greatest love of all and I scrambled to listen to the radio in my dingy apartment and tune in and called her and turned her on and called her to tell her to turn on the television and the weight of a thousand dollops and the third generation of whiners and the beginning and the end and the start of the news coverage and the war on terror and the president speaking and the wails of people and that evening I went over to Joel's apartment to watch the footage on television and even on that day we were complaining about how often they showed it over and over again and over again.