Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sitting down at my desk after a long nap. Usually on Tuesdays I'll support a digital photography class in the morning, eat lunch, do a shift in the speaking lab, maybe run a study group, and go home. A full day, but today it was a half day. After the support class I wandered over to the new ESL building, or set up, or get up, which is now located in an office that used to be a start up, so it's all nice and new and open and fancy and is totally consolidated, along with student services and tutoring. It's kind of awesome to have everybody in one place, which is unusual for a school that is spread out across the city, the biggest private land holder in the city of San Francisco yet not one of the buildings is next to another and the dream of a centralized campus and the community it would instantly create is a long ways off. At least a few of the departments are together.

I wandered up to see where the writing lab was for my shifts starting on Thursday, randomly ran into Scott who taught me easy grade pro, saw Sarah, Bob, George, etc. half of everybody who works there and ended up spending an hour an a half at "work." Which before everybody was in the same place was physically impossible. Though now that it's a wide open office I wonder if the social-ness will get in the way of work. I long for any office or a similar set up in the Liberal Arts department but that's not going to happen so never mind. It's windy out. Summer is over according to the calender and the weather and the media. It's kind of a confusing time for me at the moment, coming back from travels and not in any kind of creative rhythm, social rhythm, work rhythm etc. and in addition I'm falling into somebody so that also takes me away from this kind of thing, sitting in front of my computer and thinking out loud. Plus it's just confusing, trying to keep track of myself and be charming at the same time. "Just be yourself." Exactly. Excitement as a smoke machine and being happy on my own. It's much much easier. Case in point.

This summer was pretty great. Very productive and relaxing. I wrote a chapbook that given a little more revision and adding in a few more pieces will mean I actually have something to show for it. By it I mean summer. Which is over. Begin again. The lamp post shaking in the wind. Kitty girl has been insane since I got back from traveling, puking and full of anxiety. I finished the second book of The Hunger Games and am trying to figure out a way to get the third one for cheap. In technology news I have been given access to Google's new App creation software so I'm excited to get it working and start in on a few ideas I've had. That, writing, music projects to finish but the second main event this Fall is going to be residency and grant applications. I'd like to take next year off. A sabbatical. I say that every year. Every ear. Nary a dry eye in the house. Shaky trees and the kind out side. I've quit smoking habitually though not situationally which maybe means I haven't quit smoking. I like ice cream.