Monday, September 27, 2010

It's hot in San Francisco. It's been hot in San Francisco, since Thursday. In class on Thursday the thermostat read 83 degrees. Each student wore a unique expression of misery as we talked about "On the Function of the Line" an essay by Denise Levertov, an amazingly useful piece of theory, explaining what line breaks do for our reading of poetry and discussing closed and open forms. If that doesn't sound exciting to you than imagine talking about those things in a hot and stuffy tiny room. It didn't work. Misery in the body does not lead to much. We moved to another room.

I read some memoirs for the persuasive writing class on Saturday morning, which is unusual because I try to put off reading papers for as long as possible, a job that doesn't take that long but the constant judgment (do more of this, do less of this) is draining in a particular way. It would be nice if teaching didn't require that the teachers evaluate the students but I'm not sure it's called teaching if you take that part of out of it. That's more like an after school club. "There are no wrong answers." Nobody likes to hear that from a teacher. Anyway, it's hot. The cats are really slow. Slow hot cats baking in the sun. Later on Saturday I helped C move for the second time in six weeks. The upshot of that is that six weeks isn't a lot of time to acquire much stuff, like a leather couch or an entertainment center.

At night we to see Mt. Kimbie play with Bill and three hundred other people that I had never seen before in my life. It was strange. Maybe walking down Valencia, sitting in Dolores, biking downtown, tooling around the city, people generally look familiar, like, mission hipsters or business downtowners. At da club I didn't recognize anybody. Of course it was fun. Mt. Kimbie was a little dissapointing as the sound was all booty bass, but the Brit DJ Mary Anne Hobbs that played before them played records that sounded really good. Real deal dub-step and goofy noisy reggae and hip-hop from the UK. Really loud. It's supposed to be hot all week. Happy Fall.