Tuesday, July 06, 2010

on my way back from school a.k.a. work heading towards my bicycle which i lock around a large metal pole on the corner of howard and new montgomery with the black kryptonite cord that will sometimes receive the comment you know you should get a new bike lock because thieves can easily cut through that to which i reply i don't think anybody wants to steal my bike in a self-depreciating way to which they respond well you never know

on my way back from school a.k.a. work on my way to get on my bike and ride the not so far distance home from the academy's downtown location but far enough to warrant a bike ride and save a little money on the bart because i don't get paid until friday so as its been three weeks since i had any money coming in and a student today asked if i was a "biker" because i had forgotten to unroll my pant leg and i said i'm not a biker but ride a bike feeling like the terms was a little bit derogatory but isn't it always better to be specific than general and then we talked about skinny pants and how the crotches of my not as skinny pants have ripped from riding a bike

on my way back from school a.k.a. work before i got to my bike on the corner of howard and new montgomery there was some traffic lined up a car pulling into a parking place the car behind it honking the guys in the car getting out the guy honking leaning out the window telling them "that's not a parking spot" me standing there looking at the parking meter thinking that's a parking spot alright and then saying "that's a parking spot, look at the meter" and then looking up to see a meter maid stopped at the traffic light and i asked "is that a parking spot" and he said "not until seven" and the light turned white and i walked over to my bike and came home