Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogs are embarrassing! San Francisco was kind of kooky today, and generally all weekend because of the Pride festival, including the parade and Backstreet Boys concert. On my way home from purchasing a small brown bathmat I traversed ten thousand lesbians marching down the street late Saturday afternoon. Only in San Francisco? Maybe. But that was yesterday. Many a leather chaps have I seen today. Though I did not see the big parade this morning, I did witness a man wearing a speedo and cowboy boots, riding a ten speed down the middle of the street at eight in the morning, so feel like I didn't miss everything.

Later on, after some cleaning, I spent an inordinate amount of time with newspaper. It was pretty awesome, for example "I mean, the show is based on the premise that there's something wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with you. You're just a human being. It's not easy being a human being." says Laurie Anderson about the Oprah Winfrey Show. After doing some light school work, preparing for a study group and sending out a few emails I should of sent last week, I went for a really really slow walk with a plum. The plan was to walk really slowly up to Dolores park, find a bench, and eat the plum, thereby officially enjoying the sabbath. It didn't work out exactly like that, but I did manage to go slowly, catch a good amount of orangish sun and the dregs of Pride in form of strewn beer cans and ATM receipts blowing around. The plum got eaten mid-stride. Maybe the nicest days of the year thus far? Quite warm and perfectly breezy.

Oh, by the way, remember that last post about the readership flat lining for five days? Well, I figured out that when I changed the look of the blog it changed the html code of the blog, and in that code was the tracking code, so as, the reason it flat lined was because it lost the signal. So, yeah. Roommate Chris leaves for El Salvador on Wednesday and subletter Carrie comes for a month. The first week of school is over and I think it will be a good semester. My 202 class is small, ten people and I've decided to drop one of my support classes so as I can have time to do more writing, which I admittedly have put on the back burner the last couple semesters. In theory I teach so I have time to write but if I spend all my time teaching and don't write much I get grumpy. My cats don't seem to contain many bones when it gets hot, sprawled out and slow. Okay. Bedtime. Need to get up early. Goonight.