Monday, November 02, 2009

The Truth About The Swine Flu

I don't know the truth about the swine flu. However, I do know that last Sunday I came down with a flu that lasted throughout the week, and like most flues, there was a fever, a sweaty body, a sweaty forehead, an "ache", a sore throat, a generalized terrible feeling, one that was both existential and physical (if there's a difference), followed by low energy, a cough, green snot, and a few piles of work that were not gotten to. From what I understand, if it was the swine flu, the problem is not the flu itself but right afterwords, as one begins to feel better and resume normal activities, BAM! it hits you: bacterial infection in your upper respiratory track! And then you die and will go to either heaven, or to hell.

Part of the confusion about what that/this was, is because I did not see a doctor. A year or so ago I signed up for Healthy San Francisco, but after going to a couple appointments with what was supposed to be a steady doctor and instead was a couple disjointed appointments with interns who were leaving in six weeks, I stopped paying my premium of fifty dollars a month because, as Amy informed me, all the services that Healthy SF provides we already available to me through clinics. The only difference is that if enrolled in the program, one gets a "primary care physician", which was not working out...anyway, to make a long story short, I didn't go to see a doctor, Bought cans of soup, slept, "took care", went to work, rode the BART, and worked with students. They tell you to stay home, but I don't think too many people have that option.

Yesterday morning after taking a trip to grocery store, able enough to be out about, I spoke to my mother. She said that she had a flu a couple months ago that came and went, and came and went with other members of our family in Wisconsin, and that was that. Friend Bill had a flu about three weeks ago. My therapist told me he was going to wipe the door knob after I left his office. Friends Thom and Corrie, who I hadn't seen for a year and a half spontaneously came into town for lunch yesterday but no hugs or handshakes were exchanged. Friend Anna who just got back from a ten day meditation experienced flu like symptoms but didn't pay them much attention. She recommended that I get a neti pot to clean out my sinuses. Roommate Chris wonders out loud if he will get sick. Cats seemed to enjoy my apparent transition from human into cat, sleeping as much as possible.