Wednesday, April 01, 2009

thus concludes march's poetry extravaganza. in case you came late to the sequence, the last one is first and the first one's last so as, the intended order of "I've Wasted My Life" is chronological, moving from march 1st to the 31st. does it matter? i'm not sure, but there was an intended order...

anywho, this month is music if you can call it music month, where i'll be posting mp3's of various recordings, probably not at the breakneck (!) pace of march because i don't really have all that much that is finished enough to post but regardless, that's the plan, let's say every three days beginning tomorrow.

all is well in san francisco, week nine (of fifteen) of the semester. spring is here. i'm a little annoyed right now with my roommate about the dishes but in general am in good spirits, need to go the grocery, plan to do some house cleaning this weekend, am thinking about mundane duties but will stop there. read an interesting book called "On Deep History and the Brain" by Daniel Lord Smail, a kind or argument against the notion that history began when we started recording it and the possibilities of a history that includes our psychotropic (read: chemical) needs, including religion, coffee, and gossip; the pleasures one gets from a text message compensating for the withdrawal symptoms of modern day loneliness. sort of. for anyone who has been watching the end of Battlestar Galactica (it's a such a great series, if you have the time), the book argues against the idea that civilization grew from a "seed," further illuminating the show's version of creation myth. anywho. i hope all is well. time to go to the grocery (it was closed yesterday for Ceasar Chavez day).