Sunday, March 01, 2009

hi. its a dribbly drippy night in san francisco. its supposed to be like this all next week which is good because there hasn't been much rain in these parts lately. the rain is good because it keeps plants healthy. it also provides drinking water for humans and animals. buses are good because they take people from place to place. the ones in san francisco run on a wire mysteriously powered by electricity sent from a central hub. tonight i used one to get to the meditation group that i sometimes attend on sunday nights. eugene, the leader, was back from his trip and he talked about his trip to africa, expanding ones horizons and stepping out of comfort zones. it was good. i met some guy from ireland who had come to san francisco looking for work and ran into greg's brother ken, not that anybody who reads this knows who these people are but that's kind of part of the fun isn't it?

anyway, i've been away from the blog, not the computer but the blog, busy being sick (a three week flu like thing), working, and sending out manuscripts. its manuscript season in the very tiny poetry world that i like to think i inhabit, so it was time to prepare a hopeless manuscript for a hopeless contest and throw my lot in with the ten thousand others who arguably *deserve* to be published. its kind of a yucky feeling preparing and sending out manuscripts, essentially paying strangers to read your work. it's so much more normal feeling when you know the people (or at least have an acquaintance with) you are sending the work to. instead you spend your time preparing work for the great void. but i'm not complaining, just reporting on yet another suck ass state of the nation that one is told they need to endure. which is a great segway

to my next trick: i'll be posting a little collection of poems, one a day or every other day, throughout the month, mostly little lyric poems from the last year or so that i'm too lazy to send out to journals. i call this collection "I Have Wasted My Life" after the line in a James Wright poem that can be found here, on this suspicious looking website. So please, enjoy