Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year: New Dreams: Riding a large cruise ship with mother, brother, and jerry. We earned it. A student brings in a small monkey shaped bottle of cologne. Another student named clover, who in real life proclaimed the possibility of having genuine luck was consoled about her grade. Proud I was to be giving a passing grade. I too feel that I am lucky. Walking through the big city I come upon a milk crate sitting on a stool, items someone is throwing out because they are moving away. Sifting through, I take a bike innertube and a patching kit. A little jar of honey shaped like a bear. A small vial of sexually potent herb juice. A small monkey shaped bottle of what I don't know, but it was the same jar the student had shown me earlier. I was not surprised to find this container again in the dream. The gigantic boat was ours, though we were returning it to the government. Earlier, I found myself in a place like Esalen, the self-realization center institute on the California coast. Amy had signed me up for a class at the same time I was supposed to teach a class. I chose the class I was signed up for. No problems. During class I graded papers. Neither here nor there, but comfortable. Glad to see my students. Nervous to be one myself. Brother and I, scouting the water in a smaller boat, turned around to see parents in small boat as well. What happened? we asked, Where is the big boat? The government came and took it back. No hard feelings. Swiftly turning on the open water.