Saturday, September 01, 2007

Back in Oakland getting ready for the coming semester but mostly cleaning house and hanging pictures. Another shipment of my things, the last shipment, came courtesy of my sister's friend who brought the boxes and bags in exchange for my sister agreeing to take care of her snakes, which are now living in my sister's house in D.C. Last Tuesday I finally made it to D.C. and witnessed Knight, my sister's husband, dethawing a frozen rat (hot water) and feeding to one of the snakes, who lunged at it and then took its time trying to fit it into its mouth. But to recap the trip: flew from Oakland to Chicago, met up with Cole stayed at his place for the night then to Indiana for a nights camping and then up to Madison where to most significant event was getting a chance to read the last Harry Potter book which was exciting enough to keep me up very late most nights and then the train to Kentucky where I stayed at my Uncle's for a couple days with brother and sister and Knight and then to Virginia where I was able to see Erika and John's work in progress house, had a day and two nights and then to D.C. for one night and then home. Those are just the facts. It's good to travel and see my people, but also I read and write a lot when I'm moving for some reason. This is also good, to take a break from daily happenings. I feel like I've been neglecting the blog so I'll stop writing this update and post something a little more interesting. Oakland is quiet.