Monday, September 10, 2007

all of a sudden back in oakland went to molly and barnaby's wedding over the weekend just outside of portland and enjoyed it communally good time slept in bunk beds with groups of others it was different quiet like whispering couples at eight in the morning do you want to get up etc. those kinds of things got back late last night slept a long time school started last week taught two classes on friday and tomorrow i'm due in the writing lab the classes seemed invested one very tiny the other average size no action just the first day played extended ice breakers and talked about reasoning kind of loosely getting ready for the memoir then on to research like projects but anyway a monday simply updating with no periods or commas feeling somewhat on fire with things to do mostly to just maintain my empire been thinking too much about what goes into this blog so maybe its time to give it a rest in terms of thinking about what goes into this blog met people at the wedding told them to find me here and maybe they will hey on the way to the wedding the cab driver was drunk on the way back home met up with aric for twenty minutes hung out in the cell phone waiting area the plane rides were mostly smooth but unworry some these are the light weight happenings during yet another sunny day in oakland now on to next messages revamping an old manuscript feeding cats and returning student work