Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hi. The reading went well. Blogger flagged my blog as a spam blog so they stopped me from posting anything. But I was gone anyway. Today I was doing some school work and catching up. Tonight I'll try and put up some more posts that have been marinating in my computer as well as put up the Pierce Press website. Through it you can find true happiness. Like a gorilla eating ice cream. Or a gorilla communicating to another gorilla with forceful sign language, the other gorilla not understanding because he too is trying to forcibly communicate with sign language. Mike Conley Jr., the number four pick in the NBA draft was quoted as saying "I'm part of my own collection." Firmin Didot, a French printer and type founder coined the word stereotype, which in printing refers to the metal plate that prints the page, reducing the cost of printing by considerable amounts. Save money save time. There are workshops all around the world devoted to these topics and there are workshops all around the world devoted to saving yourself from these topics. Acculturate. My neighbor invited me to a workshop this weekend regarding financial empowerment through an understanding of your own relationship with money, your purpose and the connection between the two. It's more complicated or less complicated than that but I was interested in going. It seems helpful.